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Today i made a software that quickly control your browser's tabs
you can also use it quickly copy and paste text.

I've been using it on my laptop for more than a year. Saves me a lot of effort.
Software name:Alovez Browser Master
It's a windows software,100% Clean,No installation,No Registration ,offline software
Download and Free to use (size:0.4MB)

After months of hard work, we are finally ready to open the beta gates and give you a chance to play with our website.
Challenge my software (alovez pin screen)
challenge tag: #PinScreenTool
My post:
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Colors All in one 
I made the simple page  just for myself,i think it's useful for web deveoper,UI/UX designer.
New gift for Alovez members
Gift name:Alovez Pin Screen
Get for free in the page:
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